Art Smart Studio 2051 N. Euclid st # C Fullerton 92835 | Phone: 714-943-0827

About Art Smart Studio

항상 아이들의 눈높이에서 보도록 노력하며,아이들의 하루하루가 행복해지는 공간,수준 높은 교육을 하는데 힘쓰겠습니다. 집중력 향상,두뇌 활동과 감각적인 자녀로 키워보세요~

We teach Fine Arts for Kids, Teens, and adults. Art is the music of the soul. At Art Smart Studios, our goal is for all our members to be able to freely express themselves via Art as the medium. All of our instructors work on the premise that there are no wrong answers and that there is an artist in all of us.

Art Appreciation is one of the founding principles in Art Smart Studios. We want all children to know that their art is their own and to be able to feel proud of their own work, respect the work of others and to be able to appreciate art in its entirety.Therefore, all classes are followed by Art appreciation, gentle critiques and discussion. This will help students to explore an artistic intent, examining aesthetic and structural solutions and expanding perceptual awareness of art.

We hope after these experiences that the child will look at the world around them just a little differently because of something they learned at the Art Smart Studio.